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Buddha's Way & Yin Yoga Immersion (German) - Hamburg, Germany
to Apr 17

Buddha's Way & Yin Yoga Immersion (German) - Hamburg, Germany

Buddha's Way & Yin Yoga Immersion at Flying Yogi Hamburg
(in German)

For all levels from beginners to experienced yoga practitioners and yoga teachers.
"Everything begins with us and ends with us.  There is no situation or person responsible for causing ourselves stress,  just ourselves." - Markus Henning Giess

Buddha's Way:

  • Learning the reality from a different perspective and in doing so, reducing stress. 
  • Learning to focus one's awareness and and perception for what it really is.
  • Learning to know one's mind through thought, emotion, reaction.
  • Learning to understand the Interrupter and how to release emotional states

„We come out of our egos and into our selves.  The life can be so much easier then what we see, feel and think."  - Markus Henning Giess

This weekend promises be a deeply personal journey within.

Buddha's Way & Yin Yoga Immersion

•    How does the mind function?
•    Buddha's Way – the way out of suffering
•    How does the mind cause dis-ease? 
•    How does stress arise?
•    What happens in the body under stress? 
•    Stress – Fear - Ego
•    consciousness, perception, personal responsibility
•    to see the life as it really is
•    poisons of the mind
•    doctrines, patterns, values, programs, identification und conditioning
•    Thoughts – Emotions – Reactions
•    The Interrupter – The Observer – Who observes?
•    what happens in the body during meditation
•    meditation & breath
•    yin yoga, the perfect preparation for meditation ´physically and psychologically´

•    Practical meditation exercises for one's individual practice and to pass on to one's students!
•    3 yin yoga classes
•    Deep breathing meditations with variations 
•    Gratefulness meditation 
•    Deep relaxing - body scan
•    Universal Meditation
•    Namasté Meditation
•    Silent Meditation

The guided yin yoga classes will be taught with the focus on the more meditative, spiritual and energetic aspects of yin yoga in keeping with Buddha's meditation und Buddha's Way.

For those who have already experienced our Yin Yoga & Anatomy workshops,  you will already know that we always connect the physical function of the poses in our classes making our classes tangible, understandable and clear (and sometimes with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure!)

We look forward to seeing you there.

For more information, please go to Flying Yogi Hamburg-Altona at:

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Mid-Winter Yin Yoga Immersion (English) - Dunedin, New Zealand
to Jun 21

Mid-Winter Yin Yoga Immersion (English) - Dunedin, New Zealand

Mid-Winter Yin Yoga Immersion - Urban Calm, Dunedin
(in English)

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” (Confucius)

Huddle up, snuggle down and re-energise with a luxuriously decadent mid-winter dose of yin yoga with international yoga teachers Markus Henning Giess and Karin Michelle Sang.

Deepen your knowledge about Yin Yoga in theory and in practice.
We practice, listen and feel, stimulate, re-energise and bathe in the stillness.

Enhance your knowledge about your own body through Yoga Anatomy.

Did you ever wonder why you can not tie your legs in a pretzel like the „real“ yogis? Did you ever ask yourself why some people can sit in lotus pose and others not, although they have the same flexibility?

In this immersion we will take the mystery out of these questions and give you security in your yin & yang yoga practice.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga is one of the calmest and most relaxing forms of yoga in the world, consisting of a series of passive poses of the body.

By means of long-held stretches (3–5 minutes) without muscle tension, we focus on the deep connective, fascial and ligamental tissues – stimulating, strengthening and stretching the tissues.

We mobilise the joints, and stimulate and calm the nervous system, thereby reducing stress and encouraging regeneration.

During the practice we temporarily slow down the flow of Chi energy, enabling the revitalising energy to accumulate and then flow more freely on conclusion of the practice.

Indeed for days after a yin yoga practice, we’ll feel blissfully relaxed and recharged.

This immersion is suitable for yoga teachers and also yoga students wishing to learn more about yin yoga and yoga anatomy (à la Paul Grilley).

Day I - Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga Theory:

  • What is yin yoga?
  • What is yang yoga?
  • What are the advantages of each kind of yoga?
  • How do they complement each other?
  • What is tension and what is compression?
  • What is the function of our connective tissue/fascia in this practice?
  • Stress and back pain, and yin yoga as a “therapeutic touch”

Yin Yoga Practice:

  • Yin yoga classes (Paul Grilley style)
    Focus: Gentle morning class - the water principle
                Back class

Day II - Yin Yoga & Yoga Anatomy

Yin Yoga Theory:

  • Why is a hip opener class sometimes so intensive?
  • Yin Yoga & the body
  • Yin Yoga & the mind
  • Yin Yoga & the emotion
  • Yin Yoga & energy

Yin Yoga Practice:

Yin yoga classes (Paul Grilley style)
Focus: Hip opener class

Yoga Anatomy Theory:

  • "It's all in the bones"
  • Individual bone structure
  • Skeletal variation
  • Function/aesthetics
  • Compression and tension
  • Analysis of a yoga pose
  • Individual bones - individual yoga

Yoga Anatomy Practice:

Skeletal variation tests and it's practical implications in relation to yang yoga poses and assists – such as lotus, shoulder stand, pigeon, down dog, warrior, etc.

We’ll analyse the following asanas in detail:

  • Lotus position        - external rotation of the hip joint
  • Reclining hero       -  internal rotation of the hip joint
  • Shoulderstand       - neck, shoulder, shoulder girdle
  • Headstand             - shoulder girdle, proportion

We'll discuss the following issues:

  • What restrictions do I have due to my unique bone structure?
  • How does my bone structure differ to others?
  • Will I or my students ever manage to get into the lotus position or achieve a “perfect” pigeon, etc?
  • How should I stretch?
  • When am I in bone compression?
  • hat is the physical function of a yoga pose?

For bookings please contact Urban Calm at:

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