Yin Therapy in Practice!

This masterclass is suitable for yoga practitioners and yoga teachers alike.
Duration: 1 x 4 hours

You will be taken on a journey to “the other half” of yoga to discover the profound practise of Yin Yoga and its role in Yin Therapy. Explore the unique therapeutic benefits and discover why Yin Yoga is a vital complementary practise for not only yoga teachers and practitioners of any style but for everyone, especially those suffering from chronic back pain and or stress related illnesses.

Furthermore learn the importance of a Yin Practice (Meditation, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra) creating health through the activation of the rest and digest system and happiness through connecting with the higher brain functions living life in the here and now.

We will practice:
- Deep breathing meditation
- Yin Yoga practice
- Body scan
- Meditation in Movement – Lying, sitting, standing, walking

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