Yoga Anatomy: The Anatomy of Back Pain

This masterclass is suitable for yoga practitioners and yoga teachers alike.
Duration: 1 x 3 hours or 1 x 4 hours

Lower back pain is the most prevalent of musculoskeletal conditions and its impact is pervasive. It affects hundreds of millions of people around the world. 80% of adults experience back pain at least once a year. It is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed work days.

In this workshop, we will examine lower back pain from a physiological and psychological perspective. Learn about fascia, the “yin” tissue, the integral role it plays in the lower back, the importance of Yoga for maintaining a mobile and pain free body and why Yin Yoga is considered to be a highly effective, therapeutic method to help relieve and cure back pain.

We introduce the Yin Therapy concept - working with back pain, disc herniations, bulged discs in a Yin Yoga practice etc.