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Sarah Powers & Markus Henning Giess

Paul & Suzee Grilley - our beloved teachers and mentors are amongst the most respected and recognised international teachers of Yin Yoga und Anatomy currently offering trainings in California.  Paul is also the author of the book "Yin Yoga Principles and Practice" as well as Yin Yoga, Yoga Anatomy und Meditation DVDs, all of which are considered to be the holy for all Yinsters.

Sarah Powers is the founder of Insight Yoga and together with her husband Ty Powers they co-founded Insight Yoga Institute. She is an amazingly inspiring and truly authentic international teacher trainer of Yang Yoga, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation. Her approach to interweave the insights and practices of Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and Transpersonal Psychology into an integral practice is exceptional, unique and highly recommended for yoga teachers and practitioners who are looking for the deeper meaning in their yoga practice. Sarah Powers is also the author of the book - Insight Yoga and several DVDs on Yoga

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Bernie Clark - a further prominent Yin Yoga teacher trainer and author of"The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga" and "From the Gita to the Grail".  We also highly recommend checking out his online classes which are packed with yin yoga classes and yoga philosophy at:


Bryan Kest - world-renowned yoga rebel and Power Yoga founder, also known as the Dr. Seuss of yoga, for his ability to boil down yoga philosophy to make it easily comprehensible and relevant to the every day man.  We both completed our first yoga teacher training with Bryan in Mexico and can highly recommend experiencing a class / workshop with him if he happens to be in your neighbourhood.  He is why we fell in love with yoga.

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Our dear friend Sebastian Pucelle together with his partner, Murielle Burellier also offer Yin Yoga Teacher Training internationally in Asia, Europe and Australia.

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Helga Baumgartner is a dear friend and Yin Yoga colleague from South Germany.  We can highly recommend checking out her Blog and she is also spreading the gospel of Yin, teaching classes, workshops and teacher trainings.