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Yin Yoga & Anatomy Workshop (German) - Zurich, SWITZERLAND

  • Das Yoga Haus Freyastrasse 6A Zurich, ZH, 8004 Switzerland (map)

Yin Yoga & Anatomy Workshop at Das Yoga Haus, Zurich
(in German)

This workshop is suitable for yoga teachers and also yoga students wishing to learn more about yin yoga and yoga anatomy.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” (Confucius)

Our workshop will begin with a lecture explaining the physical practice of yin yoga and the positive affects of the practice on stress and back pain.


What is yin yoga?
What is yang yoga?
What are the advantages of each kind of yoga?
How do they complement each other?
What is tension and what is compression?
What is the function of our connective tissue/fascia in this practice?
Stress and back pain, and yin yoga as a “therapeutic touch”

WARNING: Individual Bone Structure!
Understanding individual bone structure means avoiding injuries!

In the second hour, our focus will shift to the anatomy of yoga. Following international yoga teacher (and fellow Paul Grilley student) Bernie Clark’s long awaited and hotly discussed book release in 2016 “Your Body, Your Yoga”, yoga students and teachers around the world are recognising the limitations (and potential harm) of the “one alignment for all” rule book.

The quintessence of the book: "There is no classical alignment, only individual alignment."

Leslie Kaminoff, international yoga anatomy teacher and fellow ambassador for individual alignment says "Asanas have no alignment. People have alignment. There is no correct universal alignment!"

We will discuss skeletal variation, see for ourselves just how different our bone structures really are and in doing so, discover the shortfall of classic alignment rules. When we understand the importance of respecting our own unique bone structure, we can determine our own individual alignment and consequently discover our own very unique yoga asana practice – maximising the benefits and minimising the risk of injury.

Skeletal variation
Compression and tension
Analysis of a yoga pose

We’ll analyse the following asanas in detail:
Lotus position        - external rotation of the hip joint
Reclining hero       -  internal rotation of the hip joint

In the second half of the workshop, we will offer a yin yoga asana class for the back to experience the deep affects of the profound practice. 

Yin yoga is one of the calmest and most relaxing forms of yoga in the world, consisting of a series of passive poses of the body.

By means of long-held stretches (3–5 minutes) without muscle tension, we focus on the deep connective, fascial and ligamental tissues – stimulating, strengthening and stretching the tissues.

We mobilise the joints, and stimulate and calm the nervous system, thereby reducing stress and encouraging regeneration.

During the practice we temporarily slow down the flow of Chi energy, enabling the revitalising energy to accumulate and then flow more freely on conclusion of the practice.

Indeed for days after a yin yoga practice, we’ll feel blissfully relaxed and recharged.

90 - 120 minute Yin yoga class(Paul Grilley style)
Focus: back class

1.30pm - 5.30pm

CHF 100

Das Yoga Haus, Freyastrasse 6a, 8004 Zürich

For more information please go to Das Yoga Haus