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Buddha's Way & Yin Yoga Immersion (German) - Zurich, Switzerland

  • Atha Yoga Zollikon (in Zurich) Seestrasse 53 Zollikon, ZH, 8702 Switzerland (map)

Buddha's Way & Yin Yoga Immersion at Atha Yoga Zollikon (near Zurich) (in German)

For all levels from beginners to experienced yoga practitioners and yoga teachers.

"Everything begins with us and ends with us.  There is no situation or person responsible for causing ourselves stress,  just ourselves." - Markus Henning Giess

Buddha's Way:

  • Learning the reality from a different perspective and in doing so, reducing stress. 
  • Learning to focus one's awareness and and perception for what it really is.
  • Learning to know one's mind through thought, emotion, reaction.
  • Learning to understand the Interrupter and how to release emotional states

„We come out of our egos and into our selves.  The life can be so much easier then what we see, feel and think."  - Markus Henning Giess

This weekend promises be a deeply personal journey within.

Buddha's Way & Yin Yoga Immersion

•    How does the mind function?
•    Buddha's Way – the way out of suffering
•    How does the mind cause dis-ease? 
•    How does stress arise?
•    What happens in the body under stress? 
•    Stress – Fear - Ego
•    consciousness, perception, personal responsibility
•    to see the life as it really is
•    poisons of the mind
•    doctrines, patterns, values, programs, identification und conditioning
•    Thoughts – Emotions – Reactions
•    The Interrupter – The Observer – Who observes?
•    what happens in the body during meditation
•    meditation & breath
•    yin yoga, the perfect preparation for meditation ´physically and psychologically´

•    Practical meditation exercises for one's individual practice and to pass on to one's students!
•    3 yin yoga classes
•    Deep breathing meditations with variations
•    Gratefulness meditation
•    Deep relaxing - body scan
•    Universal Meditation
•    Namasté Meditation
•    Silent Meditation

The guided yin yoga classes will be taught with the focus on the more meditative, spiritual and energetic aspects of yin yoga in keeping with Buddha's meditation und Buddha's Way.

For those who have already experienced our Yin Yoga & Anatomy workshops,  you will already know that we always connect the physical function of the poses in our classes making our classes tangible, understandable and clear (and sometimes with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure!)

We look forward to seeing you there.

For more information, please go to Atha Yoga Zollikon (near Zurich)