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How I Finally Found The Perfect Yoga Teacher Training For Me

Editor Lucinda Staniland from the New Zealand online yoga magazine The Yoga Lunchbox shares her recent experience as a student of Yin Therapy's Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training Level I in Wellington, New Zealand. 

"I was holding out for teachers with a rigorous, questioning and deeply intelligent approach to anatomy, and I found them at Yin Therapy’s Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training."

Sind wir wirklich alle gleich? Alignment 2.0

Haben Sie sich schon immer gewundert warum manche Menschen leicht in einen Lotus oder Held kommen und andere nicht? Glauben sie dass man den Lotus trainieren kann? Finden sie es heraus!

"SIND WIR WIRKLICH ALLE GLEICH" ist ein Artikel von Markus Henning Giess, erschienen in der YOGA AKTUELL SPEZIAL November 2016 Ausgabe.

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Teaching the Therapeutic Benefits of Yin Yoga

Chris Brown talks to Markus and Karin about their transition from theatre to yoga as well as their recent move from Markus’ home country of Germany to Karin’s home country of New Zealand.  We touch on how Bryan Kest’s teachings liberated their yoga practices and teaching, plus their challenge as dancers to pull back and not do too much physically.  Paul and Suzee Grilley’s yin teachings have had a profound effect on their yoga practice and their lives, teaching them to respect their own bodies.

What Does it Really Take to Teach Yin Yoga?

Kara-Leah Grant from the New Zealand online yoga magazine The Yoga Lunchbox interviewed Markus Henning Giess and Karin Michelle Sang to found out all about their company Yin Therapy, yin yoga and their 200 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training programme.  They have been teaching throughout Europe for the last few years and are finally sharing the word of yin (yoga) with Australasia.