Teaching the Therapeutic Benefits of Yin Yoga

Podcast Interview with Chris Brown from Chris Brown Studios

Chris Brown talks to Markus and Karin about their transition from theatre to yoga as well as their recent move from Markus’ home country of Germany to Karin’s home country of New Zealand.  We touch on how Bryan Kest’s teachings liberated their yoga practices and teaching, plus their challenge as dancers to pull back and not do too much physically.  Paul and Suzee Grilley’s yin teachings have had a profound effect on their yoga practice and their lives, teaching them to respect their own bodies.

Other topics covered include:

- Yin Yoga as a cure for back pain and as a tool to become mentally positive.

- How stress causes fascia, or connective tissue, to contract resulting in physical pain, and how stretching and relaxing through Yin Yoga helps to relax and rejuvenate the fascia.  This also results in reduced mental stress.

- How we “cheat” in yoga poses and ultimately that’s ok, it’s more important how the pose feels.

- How children can help with your yoga practice by keeping you in the present moment.

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