Or simply YOGA!

Yoga is obviously more than bones, fascia and muscles, but it is still beneficial to get up close and personal to the physical benefits of the practice.

It is a particularly fascinating time for yin yoga teachers, as we are working with the Nr. 1 tissue of our bodies being currently researched world wide. This research has already had some most surprising findings and will continue to do so, potentially leading to radical changes in how we view the human body. As a result it will lead to all sorts of new healing and therapy approaches.

Yin yoga might be one of these approaches!

Fascia is not yet fully understood, but the research is finding more and more evidence why yin yoga or yoga in general is so beneficial. In this process, it is interesting to see that researchers, doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, alternative healing practitioners, yoga teachers and many more body workers are working closer together than in any other medical research.

As yin yoga teachers we are in the middle of this wonderful time of discovery.
Consciously or not, yin yoga has profound physical and therapeutic benefits on our fascia but also energetically by stimulating the meridians. While fascia is being researched, the meridians are also being researched and many people believe that the meridians run within the water rich channels of the fascia network.

So understanding fascia would automatically lead to a better understanding of meridians.

Whatever stimulates the chi flow, will enhance our wellbeing. If there no stimulation or ineffective stimulation, chi will not flow.

SIMPLY YOGA means, that whatever you have heard and whatever you believe, just practice yoga. Everything that you have heard is perhaps a validation of what you have already felt, but it is only theoretical knowledge.

THE FEELING – is still the most important thing in yoga.

A sea of theoretical knowledge is worth less then a drop of practice.

In other words – if I want to learn swimming, I have to jump in the water.



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