Meridian Yoga –The New Meridian Theory

Let’s take a look at a fascinating theory, which combines modern western science with ancient eastern wisdom.

According to our teacher Paul Grilley, Dr. Motoyama, a renowned Japanese scientist holds the view, that the water rich channels of the fascia are in fact the meridian lines of our body.

If we look at the ancient illustrations of the complex meridian network or of the nadi or sen networks (all networks which channel energy) and we keep in mind that the fascia network is the only tissue in the body, that connects everything within the body down to a single cell (37,2 trillion cells), then this theory doesn’t seem absurd at all.

Could it be, that hyaluronic acid are the meridians?

Hyaluronic acid are chains of molecules which are continuously been produced when stimulated within the fascia (fibroblast). It runs through the whole fascial network of the body. Hyaluronic acid binds water. The tissue surrounding these molecules are understandably water richer. In these water rich “channels“, the energy can flow more freely than in drier areas.

If this theory is proven, we can say good bye to the common perception that the meridian “channels” are channels like a hose or a vein. In fact, with the New Meridian Theory it is the other way around - the water would surround the “channel“ (molecule chain).

You could also imagine it like an Uramaki roll (inside out roll), where the rice is on the outside and is held together by the seaweed on the inside.

Remember: 1g of hyaluronic acid binds 6l of water.

Everyone who has seen the breath taking fascia films from Dr. Guimberteau (YouTube – “Strolling under the Skin”), will see the natural beauty of this living fascia tissue and easily connect it to the old descriptions of the nadi network of the ancient yogis. The fluid pearls hanging from the fibres like morning dew on a spider web, supports the perception of a moist fascia fibre, that could transport chi/prana throughout the body.

In a recent large acupuncture study, ( the correlation between the ancient meridians lines and the facia lines on a lower arm where checked out. The result was that there was a correlation over 80%. This is a huge match. So could it be true? Did they find the meridians?

If this theory is true or not, time will tell and more research need to be done. We will be watching.

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