Yin Therapy 200hr Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training

Additional Information

General Daily Schedule – Yin Yoga Teacher Training

1)     30 minute meditation
2)    2 hour asana practice with various topics
3)    15 minute coffee/tea break
4)    75 minute lectures with different topics
5)    1 hour midday break
6)    1-2 hour lectures with different topics
7)    15 minute coffee/tea break
8)    Practical tests on skeletal variations


Code of Conduct during the course

1)     Please arrive on time to each session, including following breaks.
2)    Please do not re-enter the room during meditation.
3)    Please do not lie down during lectures. Rather stand up if necessary.
4)    Please do not eat during lectures or classes.
       Please no open drinks and glass bottles in the room. Plastic or metal bottles are fine.
5)    Please do not take pictures or record the lectures or classes, without prior permission.
6)    Please turn off all electronic devices (mobile phones, iPads etc.) before each session.
7)    Please refrain from conversing during lectures.
8)    For unanswered questions during the first 3 days, please write your questions down and put in the Question Box. From Day 4 there will be extra time allocated for any unanswered questions from the box.


General Information

1)     Please wear comfortable clothes during the training e.g. yoga or gym clothes for the Yin Yoga asana classes.
2)    Please also bring some warmer layers (pullover/jacket/socks) for morning meditation or during the lectures.
3)    Please bring water for the day in a plastic or metal bottle (please no glass bottles) and snacks if required.
4)    Please bring a pen and paper for extra notes.
5)    Please bring your own mat, blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps to the course, unless otherwise notified the hosting studio/organiser.
6)    On the first day of training, please arrive at the studio 15 minutes before class begins.