Yin Yoga Masterclass - "Why Are You Here?"

This masterclass is suitable for yoga practitioners and yoga teachers alike.
Duration: 2 x 3 hours or 1 x 4 hours

Your life's profound purpose!

Why Are You Here is posed at the beginning of class to lend more depth and purpose to your yoga practice.
Why Are You Here awakens consciousness, urging you to respond.

But what is the underlying purpose of our yoga practice and our lives? Why are we here?

Yogaart Studio - Rosenheim, Germany

Yogaart Studio - Rosenheim, Germany

In an initial lecture, we delineate the yogic view of the question why we are here and explain what our purpose in this life could be!  

Meditation and Contemplation
During a guided meditation, we will touch on every area of your life as you meditate on the question:
"Why am I here?"

A deeply personal and intense experience!

“I thought that I would attend this teacher training to begin to find out what I need to know to be able to teach yoga others. I absolutely did learn these things, but I didn’t realise that I would come to understand so much more about myself, as a human being. Not only about my body - with its tissues, muscles, bones - but also my spirit, and the absolute joy I felt absorbing this new information, learning, and generating a far better understanding of this beautiful practice of yoga. 

This was a life changing experience for me. Thank you to you both for sharing your knowledge, your experience, your practice, your time and your warm and genuinely kind energies.”
(YYTT I Wellington)

— Sharlene V. Project Manager, Wellington, New Zealand

Yin Yoga Asana Practice
We will conclude the workshop with a Yin Yoga asana practice guiding, and integrating the charged mental energy throughout our bodies. Yin Yoga has a mental, emotional, energetic and physical effect. Following this very personal and intensive mediation/contemplation, we can expect response in all areas of our lives.

This asana practice can be challenging on all levels!

Are you ready to encounter your true self?



These workshop hours can be used towards Continuing Education for registered teachers with Yoga Alliance

@ yoga studios
The 6 hour/one day masterclass include a discussion round and a further meditation/contemplation and Yin Yoga asana practice in the second session.


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