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Buddha’s Way & Yin Yoga Immersion

This immersion is suitable for yoga students and teachers alike
Duration: 4 x 3hrs

“All our emotions begin and end with ourselves.  No situation or person is responsible for our stress
– it is we ourselves who create it.”
- Markus Henning Giess

The term “immersion” means to devote oneself fully. For us, this means that for the duration of this course, we will delve deeply into the theory and practice of yoga and in doing so we will gain invaluable knowledge which will intensify our understanding of yoga.

We will discuss Buddha’s way and share his inspiring teachings, and then look at the parallels to the Yoga Sutras as well as somewhat light heartedly, our Western view of yoga between exoteric, esoteric and the iPhone.

We illustrate the little yoga path, the big yoga path (path to enlightenment) and offer a possibility how we can create happiness and health in our daily lives.

You will soon come to realise, that this course is a deep reflects deeply on your own life.

Gift yourself this precious time.


Day 1
Duration: 2 x 3hrs

“For everyone that was not there: after a meditation workshop with Markus you feel reborn and you float through life with a smile on your face and every encounter is meet with endless equanimity....thank you so much my dear “big city guru”. For many of us you are a kind of “pop star”. I also want to thank you for the fantastic way you manage to explain things that at first seem so alien but then suddenly make perfect sense. Namasté.

— Ricarda S. - yoga teacher & midwife - Hamburg

How does our mind function?
Buddha’s Way – path to the cessation of suffering
Exoteric, esoteric and the iPhone
How real is reality? Objective perception
Human potential
The little yoga path – happiness and health is a choice!
Thought – emotion – reaction
The interrupter – the observer – who observes?
Ego = let go of beliefs, patterns, values, programs, identification and conditioning
to alter one’s biology and respectively one’s health
Recognise one’s true self and reality through meditation
Recognise self-responsibility – make conscious decisions
The big yoga path – path to enlightenment

Deep Breathing Meditation & the concept to recognise and free oneself from stress
Concentration practices to recognise the fluctuations of the mind
Gratitude Exercise
Seated poses for meditation practice
Yin Yoga asana practice

Day 2
Duration: 2 x 3hrs

Continuation and deepening of the topics from Day 1

Deep breathing meditation & concept for recognising and releasing stress
Connection with Mother Earth Meditation
Gratitude Exercise
Universal Meditation practice
Silent Meditation
Yin Yoga asana practice

“We leave our ego behind and enter into our true self. Life is so much easier than we think”

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