Yin Yoga – Harmony in the Matrix

Yoga creates harmony in our body matrix.

Healthy fascia is created through a combination of:
Yin Yoga – long-held traction (stretches) without muscle tension AND
Yang Yoga – muscle stretching and muscle strengthening (myofascial tissue) through powerful, rhythmical, repetitive sequences AND
A relaxed, balanced mind

In other words:
An effective yin yoga asana training, effective yang yoga asana training and a healthy mind set lead to good health or from an eastern perspective: whatever stimulates the flow of chi will enhance our wellbeing. If there is no stimulation or if the stimulation is ineffective, the chi will not flow.

Stimulation of both body and mind through yoga and meditation initiates processes that even medical professionals have not been able to explain despite conducting in-depth scientific research.

Let us reiterate:
Every movement, stretch, stimulation, injury or scar tissue in one part of the body affects the rest of the body – bones, tendons, fascia, muscles nerves, veins, cells.  Every mental state such as stress or happiness affects the body. Nothing happens in isolation. Body and mind are one.

Depending on what type of person we are – active sportspeople or couch potatoes - we shape our body to our advantage or to our disadvantage, either building bone density and myofascial structures or reducing them, and it all depends on the load that we apply to them and our life style. And, of course, this has an effect on our life. In similar fashion, we can shape our mind to our advantage or disadvantage through meditation.

All in all, through practising a combination of yin yoga, yang yoga and meditation, we can create harmony in the matrix of the body and mind, and in doing so we greatly increase our chances to enjoy good mobility and good health until a ripe old age.


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