Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training III

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." (Lao-tzu)

You have already completed many steps along your personal and unique Yin Yoga & Anatomy journey.

Welcome to Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training III

In this teacher training we complete the yin yoga practice and yoga anatomy theory, in that we focus on the individual bone structure, muscles and facial chains of the upper body and discover the implications to our yin and yang yoga practice with the aid of many tests, analysis, variations and therapeutic suggestions e.g. shoulder neck pain. 

From there, we shift our focus towards the more subtle and profound aspects of energy work, chi flow and yoga philosophy.

Students must have completed our YYTT I and II courses to be eligible to participate in this YYTT III course.

This 50 hour intensive course is created for all yoga teachers who wish to delve deeper into Yin Yoga - the quiet practice and increase their knowledge on the anatomic and energetic theories of the practice.

This 6 day / 50-hour certified intensive yoga teaching course comprises 5 sections:

1. Yin Yoga Asanas

In this module III course, we deepen into our Yin Yoga asana practice, with our focus on the upper body including shoulder, shoulder girdle, shoulder/neck region, wrists and as in module II – we show variations, passive assists, as well as explore creative and non-dogmatic approaches to our own yoga practice and that of our students.

Furthermore, with specific exercises, we begin to discover, experience and differentiate between blood, breath, nerves and chi flow in our own bodies.

2. Blood, Nerves, Breath, Chi

It is our highest desire, that our students not only theoretically understand and impart the teachings of energy work, but rather cognitively - that they themselves feel the chi flow and hence, teach from a potent place of personal experience.

How much power has the teaching of nadis (meridians), when taught from a teacher that feels the flow of chi from within?

How do I experience this as a teacher?

Heartbeat, blood circulation, nerve impulses, breath circulation are fluctuations within the body that can distract one's ability to sense the underlying chi flow and can often be misinterpreted by many experienced yoga students and teachers for the chi flow eg. blood circulation for chi flow.

We delve into the science of the blood, nerves, breath and clarify with practical exercises, how to consciously feel blood, nerves, breath to enable us to place these sensations to the periphery.

What remains is chi.

3. Energy, Mantras & Philosophy

When we find ourselves on our yoga path, there comes a time when we will be drawn to explore deeper themes beyond asana practice.

Yoga philosophy, reincarnation, karma, the 3 realms, Patanjali's sutras, tantric chakra teachings, nadis/meridian teachings & mantra work - this is where we feel lies the key to our true spiritual growth.

4. Upper Body Anatomy - Analyse, Tests & Passive Assists

In YYTT II, we focused on the pelvic girdle, thighs and lower back.

In YYTT III, we will learn about the muscle groups of the upper body as well as their function in yoga, and will look more closely amongst others, the shoulder cuff, which has a significant influence on our yang yoga practice.  We will study the origins and insertions of the muscles, understand their function, and look at muscular and fascial chains as well as examine their role and implications on both our yin yoga and yang yoga practice.

We analyse compression and tension of the shoulder joint and explain and show its relevance to yang yoga asanas (Downward Facing Dog, Warrior), to demonstrate how individual bone structure not only limits and affects our Yin Yoga asana practice.

5. Yin Therapy

In YYTT II, we established a basic understanding of how yin yoga can enhance and restore balance with both individual and specific physical as well as psychological issues for ourselves and our students.

In YYTT III, we delve deeper.

The focal points of this second "Yin Therapy" module are:
Physical level
Mental level
Energetic level
All is one
The synergy of body and mind
Work, relationships, life’s circumstances, environment, eating behaviour, sports activities, etc.
Yin and yang analysis
Yin and yang programmes
How to begin your transformation
Achieving mental stability
Initiating changes of patterns, beliefs, programmes, values
Attachment, judgement, criticism of ourselves and of others
The cause of disease

We hope you enjoy YYTT III :-)

On successful completion of this training, students will be awarded a Yoga Alliance 50 hour certificate which can be counted towards our 200 hour Yin Therapy Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training course or Continuing Education hours with Yoga Alliance registered yoga teachers.


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feedback /  testimonials from past students

“What did I particularly like? Practical anatomy, lots of practical examples, pictures, the analysis of the asanas, extensive script. Thank you so much for helping me understand my own body and to become a better yoga teacher.” (YYTTII Hamburg)

— Alexandra B. yoga teacher, Deißlingen (Black Forest)
“So much input delivered with humour in a relaxed atmosphere and despite all your “knowledge” presented without dogma.”

— Elisa L. yoga teacher, Munich
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“I particularly enjoyed the easily understandable, thorough delivery of the complex course material, the combination of yin yoga practice and theory (with some fascinating revelations) and the wonderful languorous practice.” (YYTTII Hamburg)

— Nikola B. yoga teacher, Hamburg