Yin Therapy Meditation Retreat/Teacher Training V

“We leave the ego and enter the Self.  Life is so much easier than we think!”
- Markus Henning Giess

Welcome to Yin Therapy Meditation Retreat/Teacher Training V (100hrs)

Students must have completed our YYTT III or IV courses to be eligible to participate in this YYTT V course.

This 11 day / 100-hour intensive meditation course comprises 4 sections:

1. Meditation Practice

In the first half of the retreat, we will practice SoHam & Chakra Meditations.
Theory & practice - 5 hours daily - mornings

  • SoHam Mantra Meditation
  • Bija Mantra Meditation
  • Sushumna Purification
  • Basic Chakra Meditation
  • Advanced Chakra Meditation with variations

In the second half of the retreat, we will practice Yin Therapy Meditation.
Theory & practice - 5 hours daily - mornings

  • Deep Breathing Meditation
  • Meditation of Breath
  • Meditation of Thought
  • Meditation of Perception
  • Meditation of Identification
  • Etc...

12+ varied themed meditations, to gradually prepare us towards our awakening.

2. Patanjalis Yoga Sutras – The Great Yoga Path

Each day, we will take an excerpt of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and explore the text in detail until we have examined all 196 sutras, intellectually absorbing the deeper meaning of the Great Yoga Path – Awakening.


3. Yin Yoga Asana Practice

We will conclude each day with a relaxing and revitalising Yin Yoga practice.

4. Teaching Methods for Guiding Meditation

Here, in brief segments, we will define Yin Therapy’s philosophy and method of guiding students in meditation practices.


On successful completion of this training and 100% attendance, students will be awarded a Yoga Alliance 100 hour certificate which can be counted towards Continuing Education hours with Yoga Alliance for registered yoga teachers.



A classic retreat, means withdrawing from your everyday surroundings to dedicate yourself to your spiritual practices. We will withdraw from all digital as well as printed media. In addition, during the Yoga Therapy Retreat, there will be two days of silence to retreat further and delve deeper into our Selves.

This withdrawal from outer distractions and the concentrated attentiveness to one’s own being is intense and not always easy. Issues from your everyday life may surface, as well as unresolved traumas or samskaras from previous lives. Often, this will be the first time in years that you see yourself unmasked. Therefore, you should be sure you come to this course mentally and physically stable.

This course is practice-oriented and conceived to enable yoga instructors prolonged meditation and contemplation. Do not confuse this retreat with a wellness holiday!

This retreat is an immersion into your own yoga practice, something a teacher training can rarely provide, and the natural next step for a yoga teacher.

Emerging from the profoundly personal retreat experience, will grow the strength and skill to facilitate meditation.

‘SoHam - I am He‘
Vedanta (the end of knowledge), Tantra Yoga & Dhyana Moksha Mantra

schedule overview

feedback /  testimonials from past students

Yin Therapy - Markus Henning Giess-jpg
“It was simply wonderful and the after effect is still so potent. My senses are heightened and I feel a deep sense of connection. I am also dreaming a lot. Evidently, I am working through an immense amount. Sometimes it feels strange, but I now understand so much more clearly, why something has happened etc. My dreams for the future are also clearer and in my daily life, my inner voice is so much louder or rather, my hearing has improved!

It has been an amazing rollercoaster ride. I am curious, where this journey will take me. At any rate, I am so looking forward to level IV with you!

Finally, I must let you know how grateful I am to have you as my teacher! The sessions are so captivating, focused, structured and very inspiring. I feel like Alice in Wonderland, absorbing so many new concepts and impressions. Thank you for your humorous, on point and insightful explanations”
(YYTT III Vienna 2016)

— Vivienne S – yoga teacher, Vienna