200 hour Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training Course

This training is suitable for experienced and aspiring yoga teachers and students alike who wish to enhance their knowledge of yin yoga – the quiet practice – and discover the anatomical and energetic theories of yin yoga for their own personal practice and/or with the intention to teach.

Our Yoga Alliance certified course comprises of four x 50 hour modules focusing on various key aspects:

- asana practice
- yoga anatomy
- fascia research
- yoga philosophy
- chakra & meridian theory
- pranayama
- meditation
- ethics
- teaching methods

This 200hr teacher training shares ancient yogic knowledge combined with the most recent scientific research.

The focus of this course is to offer yoga students and teachers the theory and practice to experience the profound physical, mental, emotional and energetic benefits of Yin Yoga.

Your journey will begin on the physical level with daily asana practice, learning the 20+ basic poses, the world of fascia, yoga anatomy, understanding skeletal variation and individual alignment - essential to effectively and safely teach and practice both Yin and Yang asanas (modules I & II). This comprehensive asana and anatomy course, together with our simple and highly effective analysing system will give you all the skills necessary to be a highly qualified, professional and confident yoga instructor for teaching both yin and yang style yoga classes.

In modules III & IV, we shift focus towards energy, pranayama practices and meditation. You will not only gain theoretical knowledge of chakra and meridian work, but our goal is to teach you how to feel and direct the subtle sensations of chi flow so you can teach others from a place of experience. On being able to refine your practice, your knowledge will go beyond the theory and your teaching will come from a place of authenticity.

As we complete our time together, we enter the world of yoga philosophy. You will encounter the depth of yoga practice and the goal of yoga - the journey inwards, a deeply personal, energetic and emotional journey towards our true essence.

The most effective way to learn is with joy and trust, and therefore it is important to us to create an atmosphere of lightness, fun and community. However, there are also times of deep intense studying while creating a nurturing and safe environment to allow you to fully experience the intense mental, emotional and physical affects of this profound practice.

On completion of the course:
As a new teacher you will not only have a strong foundation to teach yin yoga, you will have an excellent understanding of yoga anatomy from a functional perspective with respect for your students individual and unique bodies. You will have all the tools you need to confidently embark on your yoga teaching journey – where you were learn the most - having your own experiences and making your own decisions.

As an experienced yoga teacher you have the advantage of your previous experience and knowledge! You will be ready to take in new knowledge at a deeper level. You will also be more discerning regarding what feels right for you and from there you may choose to discard or update certain information. In doing so, you will refine your teaching and it will become more complete.

As your teachers, we gladly accompany you on your yoga journey until you feel like you no longer need our guidance. Our wish is for our students to spread their wings, leave the nest and share this beautiful yin yoga practice with the world. In the meanwhile, however we will always be with you to guide you on your way. On completion of our teacher training course, you are always welcome to drop us a line – to share or ask questions.

Markus & Karin

For detailed information about the individual modules please click on the following link:
Yin Yoga & Anatomy TT I
Yin Yoga & Anatomy TT II
Yin Yoga & Anatomy TT III
Yin Yoga & Anatomy TT IV

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YYTTI Melbourne 2016
The anatomy lectures were so wonderful funny and fascinating! One can’t get enough of them. Yin Yoga module III took us on a journey deep into our minds (not always funny, but ever more fascinating). However, with the support of all the caring, wonderful students surrounding me, it was a very enriching experience.

With the Yin Yoga practice we were taken on a journey of discovery of the body and mind….enthrallment, resistance, love, sorrow, anger, confidence, peace etc – all words that come to my mind. It was worth every moment! Then somewhere towards the end, I felt a wonderful sense of calm - an unbelievable feeling of peace from within that one endeavours to pass on…

Om shanti shanti shanti
(YYTT III Hamburg 2016)

— Susi L – yoga teacher, Switzerland
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