Yin Therapy 200hr Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training Questionnaire

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In submitting this registration form you agree to commit to 100% full class attendance including daily meditation, unless previously discussed and agreed upon with Yin Therapy. Only with 100% attendance, completion of all assignments and following the code of conduct will you receive a Certificate of Completion with the full hours from Yin Therapy. You understand that if you do not attend all the sessions or complete all assignments, no make-up work will be given and you will receive a certificate minus the hours of absence at the discretion of Yin Therapy, You agree to conduct yourself in a respectful manner towards the teachers, your fellow participants and studio staff. You agree to conduct yourself in a respectful manner towards your body and not go over the limits of your capabilities. You understand that you are required to be fit and healthy, physically and mentally for the training. You have read and understood the code of conduct in the Additional Information document (sent per email) and will follow these guidelines for the duration of the course. You grant permission to Yin Therapy Markus Giess & Karin Sang to take and use; photographs and/or videos and digital images of you for use for promotional and marketing material. These materials might include printed or electronic publications, and/or websites. I authorise the use of these images without compensation for yourself. All images, prints and digital reproductions shall be the property of Yin Therapy. (This paragraph cannot be removed). Please note: We have a strong belief in personal rights and would never intentionally place non-flattering images on the internet. If you are however still uncomfortable about agreeing to this, please do not hesitate to talk to us.