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Meditation Workshop

Suitable for everyone

“All our emotions begin and end with us.  No situation or person is responsible for our stress
– it is we ourselves who create it.”  (Markus Henning Giess)

In a group environment, I will teach students the fundamentals of meditation.  I will also explain how stress works, and how breathing and meditation are excellent tools that can help us recognise when stress occurs and systematically disperse it.  With time, we will realise that stress only exists in our minds.

As a group, we will then embark upon a journey of spiritual discovery in order to recognise and dissolve layers of social conditioning and identification, to arrive at the essence of who we truly are.

In the third phase of the workshop, we consolidate – in group exercises – what we have learnt, and attain a level of pure sensation and perception.

To conclude, there will be a question and answer session before we close the workshop with a final " led" meditation. 

Depending on the length of the workshop, either all or only certain themes of meditation theory, as listed below, will be discussed.

Depending on the length of the workshop, either all or only a selection of the kinds of meditation listed below will be practised.

1 or 2 day Workshop   

Part 1:


  • Stress – anxiety – ego
  • Beliefs, patterns, programmes, values
  • Thoughts – emotion – reaction
  • The interrupter – the observer – who observes?
  • Meditation and breathing
“For everyone that was not there: after a meditation workshop with Markus you feel reborn and you float through life with a smile on your face and every encounter is meet with endless equanimity....thank you so much my dear “big city guru”. For many of us you are a kind of “pop star”. I also want to thank you for the fantastic way you manage to explain things that at first seem so alien but then suddenly make perfect sense.

— Ricarda S. - yoga teacher & midwife - Hamburg


  • Mindful meditation for acknowledging the busy mind
  • Positions for meditation
  • Deep breathing meditation for recognising and releasing stress
  • Meditation of gratitude

Part 2:


Continuation and consolidation of the themes covered in Part 1.


  • Deep breathing meditation for recognising and releasing stress
  • Healing breath meditation
  • Connecting to the Earth meditation
  • Meditation of gratitude
  • Meditation of identification
  • Journey with the inner child
  • Meditation of gratitude

Instructor: Markus Henning Giess

“Life is all about being calm and being present: nothing else matters. Just smile and breathe.”  (Markus Henning Giess)

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